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Frequently Asked Questions
To start connecting your devices with Activate Wireless we require all customers to fill out our online sign up form which you can reach here or by clicking the Get Connected button anywhere you see it on the website.Once we have verified your details, we will set you up an account and you can start ordering and connecting services.
Activate Wireless stock 5 varieties of SIM cards

1. Activate Wireless Standard (2FF) SIM Cards
2. Activate Wireless Micro (3FF) SIM Cards
3. Activate Wireless Nano (4FF) SIM Cards
4.Activate Wireless Industrial Strength (Ruggedised 2FF) SIM Cards
5.Activate Wireless Surface Mounted/Solderable SIM Chips
Activate Wireless SIM cards activate automatically! – we like to keep things simple.
Unless specifically requested our Activate Wireless SIM cards are delivered in a “Test Ready” state. This allows a SIM to establish a data connection.
Once your device establishes a connection, the SIM is allowed to conduct up to 20KB of “Test Data” free of charge. Once your device has passed the 20KB limit it’s state will automatically move to “Activated”.
Note: During the time a SIM is in the “Test Ready” state, it is not billable.
Activate Wireless offer Group Data Plans only GROUP Data Plans – SIMs on a group plan effectively share data with other SIMs on the same plan, for example if you have 5 x 10MB SIM cards you have a “pool” of 50MB of data shared between your fleet. This way if you have devices that under-utilize their data allowance, devices that go over their allowance can borrow from the pool. NOTE: Once your devices have exceeded their “pool” allowance you will be charged excess usage per KB.
Activate Wireless currently offer the following features on our SIM Cards.

1.SMS Mobile Originating (MO) – SMS Messaging directly from your SIM/Device, this is charged on a Pay-Per Use rate.
2.SMS Mobile Terminating (MT) – SMS Messaging sent to and received by your SIM/Device from an outside SIM. There is no charge for our SIMs to receive SMS.
3.Voice – Activate Wireless offer voice services on a Pay-Per Use or small bundle rate. NOTE: Voice services are subject to approval.
1.International Roaming – Activate Wireless can offer International Roaming on our SIM Cards for a fixed rate per MB.
Activate Wireless can offer the following network configurations

1.Standard public internet access – This is the most common set up for most customers, it allows your devices to connect directly to the public internet and start transmitting data immediately.
2.Public internet access with a dynamic public IP address – This allows your devices to utilise the public internet but also serves your device a publicly addressable IP address which can be used to contact the device in the field. NOTE: This service is not recommended as it can cause safety & stability issues and is purely subject to approval.
3.Static Private IP – This is our recommendation for customers that need a secure method to directly communicate with their device in the field without subjecting it to the public internet. Devices with a private static IP address can be reached using a remote gateway or VPN.
You can order physical SIM cards by emailing [email protected] and providing the following information:

1.Account Name
2.SIM Card Size
3.Number of SIMs
4.APN/Communication Plan Required
5.Rate Plan Required
6.Delivery Address
All services from Activate Wireless are supplied on a month-to-month basis and billed in monthly in advance. NOTE: Only excess usage, additional Pay-Per Use features (SMS, etc) and services are billed in a post-paid format. Activate Wireless’s standard payment terms are 7 days from date of invoice, unless otherwise negotiated.
Activate Wireless delivers all domestic North American orders with StarTrack Express. The service is generally overnight delivery to most parts of North America. Parcel tracking is available at StarTrack’s website. International shipping can be arranged and billed to your preferred provider – Please provide Activate Wireless with your freight account details on order. Activate Wireless can provide international shipping via DHL Express and will arrange a quote before shipment.
You can email Activate Wireless technical support through [email protected] or by using our Support Portal.
The Telstra Mobile network offers the best breadth and depth of third generation mobile coverage in North America covering more than 2.1 million square kilometers. The network provides mobile broadband access to 99% of North Americans, spanning city to country and servicing many remote coastal and rural communities. Like any other mobile network, mobile coverage depends in part on where you are and what particular device you are using. To get the best out of mobile coverage in regional areas, it is recommended that you adopt an external antenna to increase the signal strength and coverage.
Click here to check out coverage
Telstra Operating Frequencies:
  • 3G – 850MHz (2100 MHz was switched off in 2019)
  • 4G/LTE – Telstra currently operates 5 frequencies for LTE these are listed below. The critical frequencies for all M2M/IoT applications are B3 & B28
  • B1 – 2100MHz
  • B3 – 1800MHz (Must have for M2M/IoT)
  • B7 – 2600MHz
  • B8 – 900MHz
  • B28 – 700MHz (Must have for M2M/IoT)